Vision 2040

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Sustainable Environment

Balanced and efficient systems

For an environment that is sustainable, maintained and safe.

Without sustainability, we will not be able to leave our children a world worth living in. The expansive use of nature has brought prosperity to rich nations, but it exceeds the carrying capacity of the earth. This is proven by the ecological footprint, which was developed in 1994. The footprint records the area needed for a person's current lifestyle and standard of living (area needed to produce food, provide energy and resources or dispose of residues and bind carbon dioxide). It shows how much the Earth and its biological capacities are under strain. The global ecological footprint is currently 2.7 times larger than the Earth can sustain.

Competitive Economy

Productive and diversified

Based on innovation, integration of roles and equal opportunities.

Maintaining and improving the competitiveness of the economy plays a central role in politics and society. Competition exists within a sector at the product level, between companies, regions and countries. Competition also takes place between sectors for resources and production factors such as labour, land and capital.

The capacity to create growth and employment is strengthened by promoting competitiveness and innovation.

Culture & Creativity

The Creative Human Society

Culture encompasses creativity. It is different everywhere in the world.

Culture is the foundation of a strong society. It plays an important role for community education and for the cohesion of a diverse humanity. Participation in cultural and public life must be accessible to all, regardless of origin, gender, education or income.

The sense of community and belonging in a society is based on a common cultural production, consumption and heritage. How much art and cultural promotion a society affords itself is always a measure of freedom.

Blockchain Technology

Important developments in Informational Technology

Initiatives in information technology and electronic services for government and private institutions, such as blockchain technology.

Blockchain technology can help make governments more effective and boost the wider economy. Blockchain technology is one of the most discussed innovations in the digital transformation of the economy and society. Blockchain technology is one of the most discussed innovations in the digital transformation. With properties such as decentralisation, reliability and forgery protection, it opens up a broad field of innovative applications and new forms of cooperation.

By means of blockchain technology, all conceivable values, rights and debt relationships to tangible and intangible goods can be represented by tokens and their trade and exchangeability potentially simplified.

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Internet Security

Awareness of safety-related issues

Security problems are rising. In fact, they are a huge menace for corporations and private households and they will become a bigger problem in the future.

VPN is helping people re-gaining security when using internet connections, especially when they are in a public WiFi.