The Oman 2040 Main Committee holds its eleventh meeting

Headed by HH Sayyid Haytham bin Tariq Al Said- Minister of Heritage and Culture the Oman 2040 Vision Main Committee held its 11th meeting on Monday the 13th of May 2019 at the Ministry of Heritage and Culture, with the attendance of members of the committee. The meeting presented the… MORE

The Oman 2040 Technical Committee holds its eleventh meeting

The Oman 2040 Future Vision technical committee held its eleventh meeting headed by HE Talal Al Rahbi, Deputy Secretary-General for the Supreme Council for Planning, with the attendance of the committee’s members. The meeting highlighted the community’s views and opinions on the Vision’s Preliminary Document that was presented at the… MORE

Oman 2040 Vision Participates in Comex 2019

Oman 2040 Vision participated in the Comex 2019 Exhibition held at the Oman Convention and Exhibition Centre. The annual exhibition’s aim is highlighting the main directions and updates in the technological and IT field around the world, and presenting significant electronic initiatives and services linked to government and private institutions.… MORE

The launch of Oman 2040 Future Vision National Conference

Oman 2040 Vision has launched its National Conference on Sunday, January the 27th 2019 on Oman Convention and Exhibition Center with a wide community participation from all society segments. The conference that is held during January the 27th and 28th complements the previous phases of Oman 2040 Vision that was… MORE

Oman 2040 Target-Setting Workshop

Oman 2040 Target-Setting Workshop

180 specialized stakeholders attended and participated in the Oman 2040 Target-Setting Workshop. This workshop came as a continuation to the Vision’s preparatory phases that included a wide participation from all groups of society through different communication initiatives and dialogue meetings. The workshop aimed to engage stakeholders in setting Oman 2040… MORE