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The Oman 2040 Main Committee holds its eleventh meeting

Headed by HH Sayyid Haytham bin Tariq Al Said- Minister of Heritage and Culture the Oman 2040 Vision Main Committee held its 11th meeting on Monday the 13th of May 2019 at the Ministry of Heritage and Culture, with the attendance of members of the committee. The meeting presented the implementation progress of the decisions made during the 10th Main Committee meeting, and also showcased the community’s most distinctive views on the Oman 2040 Vision Document. Following the Oman 2040 Vison National Conference, a two week window was opened to the members of the community as an opportunity for them to share their views and suggestions on the Document. However, suggestions continued to be received for an additional two weeks. Most views were regarding vision realization enablers and mechanisms, which made up more than 70% of the suggestions received, and the remaining percentage, which was less than 30%, was related to the Vision Document’s content. These suggested amendments were discussed during the meeting. The meeting also presented the Oman 2040 Vision office most significant upcoming missions during the second and third quarters of 2019. These missions include the formulation of the Final Vision Document and its approval, holding sessions with different ministries on Oman 2040 to highlight their roles in vision realization and boost its readiness to contribute to the development of national plans and the alignment of sectoral strategies with the vision. Collaborating with the Government Communication Centre to engage the roles of government media departments in order to inform and educate government body staff on the importance of the Vision. As well as setting a general framework to achieving Oman 2040 Vision as an operational guide for future five-year plans. The Committee also discussed the suggested initiatives aimed at preparing the overall atmosphere needed to meet Oman 2040 Vision. A number necessary decisions were also made by the Main Committee regarding the items on the meeting’s agenda.