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Oman 2040 Vision Participates in Comex 2019

Oman 2040 Vision participated in the Comex 2019 Exhibition held at the Oman Convention and Exhibition Centre. The annual exhibition’s aim is highlighting the main directions and updates in the technological and IT field around the world, and presenting significant electronic initiatives and services linked to government and private institutions. The purpose of the Vision’s participation was to enhance and emphasize community participation in all segments and sectors of society. It aimed to define the Vision and its main goals and pillars and shedding light on its electronic website, support future directions in the technological field and the role of the 4th industrial revolution in the future of Oman 2040, as well as engage the Vision’s directions and linking them to future technologies and enabling them to keep up with leading countries in digital, cognitive and performance transformation field. The Vision organized a number of events and accompanying activities as part of its participation in Comex 2019, particularly the discussing of several technological topics such as E-payments, learning through robotics and 3D printing. This initiative aimed to give these projects the spotlight and provide the opportunity for others to learn more about the nature of these products and services. An open discussion session was also prepared which focused on Oman 2040 Vision and the roles of the 4th industrial revolution and electronic transformation and their significance in vision realization. The discussion was held by Dr. Yousuf Al Balushi, an economic specialist at the Oman 2040 Vision office, alongside a number of other committee members that specialize in the topic.