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Youth Platform presents ideas and projects of Oman 2040 youth

The closing ceremony of the Oman 2040 Youth Platform Presentation was held this Saturday. The event aimed to involve the Omani youth through allowing them to present their ideas and projects within 13 different fields of knowledge. The platform is considered a purposeful way to exchange future ideas and projects through suggesting them in groups, having them judged by a panel and then presenting them to investors and stakeholders. The ceremony included an interactive lecture given by Khalid Al Marzooqi from the Kingdom of Bahrain, where the importance of the youth’s role in developing and building their nation was highlighted, as well as the skill of selecting successful projects and the proper ways to present them to investors locally and internationally. The lecture also included the significance of knowledge transformation and the fourth industrial revolution, and the importance of constant technological development. The participating teams during the evaluation period were then divided into three different halls that each represented the platform’s three main paths: the Governmental Partnership path that had 17 projects, the National Initiative path with 13 projects, and the Start-up Company path with 13. Discussion sessions between the young participants and stakeholders were also held, which allowed the youth to introduce the projects to the stakeholders and then accept advice on how to improve, develop and implement them in reality. The ceremony also gave a visual presentation on the idea of the platform, its goals and its different stages. The winning projects that qualified to the next stage were then announced, which are: The professional development e-gate project aimed at developing skills of governmental institution staff (within the Governmental Partnership path), the national initiative towards a green economy for more eco-friendly and sustainable practices and habits (within the National Initiative path), and the electronic platform project that serves investors through the use of open data analysis and artificial intelligence (within the Start-up Company path).