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conclude of Oman 2040 Vision National Conference events

The Oman 2040 Vision National Conference events were concluded January the 28th 2019 where the conference worked as a national platform to discuss the mechanisms and the suitable enablers in order to meet vision realization, a chance for participants to exchange ideas and the discuss best international practices in terms of sustainable development, and a platform to highlight the efforts put into the preparation of the Oman 2040 Future Vision.

The second day of the conference holds a panel discussion: “Role of the Private Sector in Achieving Visions”, where the importance of the private sector and its role in realizing the vision was discussed through it taking its responsibility in terms of economic growth leadership, and contributing in the sustainable development process and enhancing its roles in the economic transformation process.

The following panel discussion was called “Managing Change and Positive Direction of Human Behavior (Nudging)”. During the panel the speakers discussed the importance of transformation and change management in regards to Oman 2040 Vision, the facets and mechanisms of change management through focusing on behavioral economics and positive guidance of human behavior, discussing the best international practices on the matter and what can adapt to the goals of the Oman 2040 Vison.

The third discussion panel “Economic Cooperation and Integration and its Importance in Realizing the Vision” was about the Sultanate’s assets such as its strategic position, political stability, and the importance of using these assets to attract more economic-driving investment. As for the fourth panel discussion “International Practices to Achieve Visions” focuses on the frames of sectoral and developmental planning, the Implementation Support and follow-up Unit (ISFU) and notion of change management through presenting international experiences in terms of achieving visions or long term plans.

It’s worth mentioning that the Oman 2040 Vision preparation process is based on a number of basic starters represented by the national priorities of the Sultanate; the initial directives report regarding formulating the Oman 2040 Future Vision, ‘Tanfeedh’, the outcomes of the Oman 2040 committees and task forces, strategic and study reports, Oman 2040 Vision lessons and achievements, the 2030 United Nations sustainable development goals, sectoral strategies, Oman National Spatial Strategy (ONSS), the ninth five-year developmental plan, the international indicator reports regarding the Vision’s pillars, and the outcomes of the Oman 2040 Vision office.