Communication Initiatives ?

Communication initiatives are an essential part of the communication and stakeholders’ involvement strategy, supervised by the Organization and Follow up Committee. This strategy comes as part of “Oman 2040” project following the Royal Directives of HM Sultan Qaboos to formulate the future vision in light of wide community consensus and the participation of all social segments.

Oman vision 2040 communication initiatives were designed to ensure full participation of all related sectors and reinforce the role of the strategic partners in creating “Oman 2040” vision through a number of communication values.

Oman Vision 2040, Communication Initiatives

The communication initiatives target several social segments, mainly the youth, the private sector, the local community in governorates, children, and the media. The initiatives are:

Oman 2040 Team

This initiative aims to reinforce the communication value of credibility in passing information, impressions and feedback about vision 2040. It also aims to inspire, enable and embrace diversity in Oman’s society and culture.


The initiative aims to reinforce communication values in each Governorate by embracing diversity and enhancing local privacy, and most importantly, involve the public in formulating Oman 2040.

All Of Oman
Face Of The Future

The initiative aims to establish communication values of inspiring and enabling the young generations, and raising the awareness between them about Oman 2040, and their vital role in contributing to their country.


The initiative aims at reinforcing communication values of credibility, and accurately spreading information within a set timeline, in order to encourage the local communities to adapt Oman 2040. It also aims to encourage the locals to effectively participate in the decision making processes, developing work plans to help achieve welfare for their communities.

Media Of The Future
Business Dialogue

Reinforcing communication values to rest full trust in the private sector and its significant contribution to make decisions, develop work plans that match their aspirations and needs, as well as their execution techniques.


The initiative aims to reinforce communication values of inspiration and enabling the youth to achieve their life objectives and fully contribute in formulating Oman 2040.

Creative Youth Incubatory