Environmental and Natural Resources

Ecological Systems that are Effective, Balanced and Flexible to Protect the Environment and Sustain its Natural Resources in Support of the National Economy

This pillar aims to ensure the balance between the ecological system and the economic and social dimensions within development planning process, through rationalizing the use of natural resources to confirm their sustainability to support the economy and stimulate production activities, through adopting a green economy approach during the development process, and the use of modern techniques in the water and agriculture sectors to achieve water and food security, and to turn into alternative energy sources to promote the sustainability of ecological systems and replenish their resources, contribute to social welfare, and alleviate pressures on fiscal management.

A State with Responsible Apparatus, Adopting comprehensive governance, effective oversight, swift judiciary, and efficient performance

This pillar aims at upgrading and developing the administrative apparatus, to become flexible, productive, efficient, and to cope with the rapid changes, and achieving an effective, transparent and independent control systems, and governing of public projects to enhance its efficiency and fair distribution, in a balanced partnership between relevant actors from public, private and civil society sectors. The pillar is also aims at enhancing enforcement of rule of law and the culture of rights and duties within the Omani society through the development of the judicial system to impose the best international practices in the field of justice, arbitration, and alternative means of dispute resolution to facilitate and expedite litigation procedures, which could positively affect the national economy, enhance the confidence of investors and stimulate the process of comprehensive and sustainable development.