People and Society

Enhancing Family and Community Health and Well-being

This pillar aims to enhance the principle of just and equitable access to health and wellbeing to all the members of the Omani society so that they enjoy social welfare. It also aims to enable the Omani society to interact with other societies, through enabling its families, supporting women, the youth, children, and people with special needs. Furthermore, it aims to enhance and empower civil society organizations, which requires developing social care and protection, encouraging self-dependency, supporting balanced local development, and minimizing the income differences between the various society segments.

Upholding the Omani Identity and Heritage

This pillar aims at upholding heritage, genuine traditions and the Omani identity built on the tolerant Islamic values, as the basis for Omanis to deal with globalization and its variables and to interact with other societies of diverse cultures and values.

Developing the National Technical and Entrepreneurial Capabilities

This pillar aims at empowering citizens and equipping them with a high degree of scientific and practical capabilities and providing them with the capabilities and will required for building a prosperous society capable of coping with the tremendous international changes and challenges. It also aims at helping the locals acquire the necessary future skills to prepare them for the enormous technological leap in all aspects of life.

Oman Vision 2040, People and Society